Welcome to TMS


Welcome to TMS (The Toltec Mystery School)-

TMS combines traditional Toltec Teachings & energy or universal laws to help members empower and free their lives, raising themselves in every way possible.


Kristopher and Kalyn Raphael, known as K2, created The Golden Flow™  System, a modern, more direct and enjoyable form of the Toltec recapitulation. The Golden Flow™  System helps members understand energy and energy flow so that they can release energetic blocks and flow though energetic charges, increasing higher-vibrating flows. At the same time, members also receive monthly lessons in an online (private) forum to increase awareness in the Mastery of Awareness & Mastery of Transformation lessons.

Journeys & Retreats

K2 lead spiritual journeys or retreats all over the world helping people experience sacred sites, which often opens people to a new way of seeing life. Journey members see their future and their potential selves. As they raise their energy they tap into and reach that potential, allowing themselves to take steps towards living the life they are meant to live with love, purpose, expansion and great joy.