2012 Authenticity Preparation Journey


2012 Tapping Into The Age of Authenticity: Becoming Larger Than Your Dream

Retreat in San Miguel MexicoSign me up! A retreat or spiritual journey is about tapping into energy. Everything is energy first and sacred sites hold high-vibrating energies. We journey on our retreat to such places so that our energy is raised, allowing our authenticity to come forward.

San Miguel de Allende on its own is such a place. Some say that San Miguel de Allende is on a bed of quartz crystal which makes San Miguel the magical place that it is. It has such enchantment that visitors commonly fall in love, leave their homes and countries to come live here. Whether there is something in the air, the water or the ground, San Miguel is altering. The energy and beauty that abound are palpable as you enter the city.

This is what makes San Miguel such a wonderful setting for a journey. Journey participants quickly fall in love with the charming, European-like town. They love the food, the art and the weather. In addition to being a spiritual meca, San Miguel is also close enough to the sacred pyramid of Teotihuacan for us to journey to Teo, as it known, to be further touched by some of the highest-vibrating energy.

A Spiritual Retreat To Teotihuacan

Retreat San Miguel, Mexico

Retreat to Teo!
Teotihuacan is an ancient Toltec and Aztec pyramid site which offers some of the most powerful energy we’ve seen in over twenty years of traveling to sacred sites.

We are in, as The Oracle calls it, The Age of Authenticity. This is a special time in which we are meant to utilize the energy of the times, the Earth changes and even the economic turbulance to help us tune in and tap into our own authenticity. The Oracle speaks of the importance of knowing ourselves and our authenticity and the fact that this authenticity is what needs to guide us through our lives. When we are live from our authenticity what occurs is that we live in a different energy, one in which opportunities are plentiful. Fear is replaced with knowingness and our own inner wisdom helps us create a life in the flow of love, joy and harmony.

For this special year, 2012, we are excited to be taking people on a spiritual retreat to San Miguel de Allende & Teotihuacan to bright that authenticity forward. Whether you feel you are not very in touch with your authenticity or whether you feel you are well connected but seeking to increase this, Teotihuacan can assist you in the most elegant way possible.

This amazing site holds something special to it- actually, every pyramid is unique just as every person is. Every pyramid has an energy and a gift to it. Teotihuacan has a strong energy of intent, which is the right gift for 2012.

Retreat with K2Join Kristopher & Kalyn (The Oracle) on a life-altering retreat & journey. Participants on our journeys find that they see life differently, feel as though they have opened themselves to some of life’s secrets; their lives are enriches and elevated permanantly. Come enjoy the richness of life as you enjoy the great sights and experiences San Miguel de Allende has to offer; stretch your energetic self, raising you on the retreat and meet other spiritual seekers who you just might become life-long friends with.


Retreat Registration
San Miguel de Allende Retreat Details:

Retreat Dates – June 2 to June 9 2012

Retreat Fee: $1200 with your non-refundable deposit of $400 by May 5, 2012– & $ balance due June 1, 2012 (Please note- balance becomes non-refundable on June 1)

OR – $1350

TMS Memebers – See Forum For Pricing

Retreat Fee includes: All teachings, processes & classes

Additional retreat costs: $120 Bus Fee – for transportation & entrance to Teotihuacan (unused portion is returned to participants). Air to Leon, Mexico and transportation to and from the airport to San Miguel; Lodging, food and personal expenses are additional retreat costs as well- Paypal fees

Retreat San Miguel

Retreat Lodging

As San Miguel de Allende is a travel destination, it is best to make arrangements as early as possible. For our journey, accommodations at a local B&B will ensure proximity to the group, walking distance to downtown San Miguel and el centro in and beautiful accommodation.

Lodging at : TBA

Make Your $400 Deposit Through Paypal (Or contact us to send a check or Money Order & avoid the Paypal fee):