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Retreat with K2 K2 – Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael

In 1997 K2 each took the Teacher Training Certification with Don Miguel Ruiz, becoming certificated teachers in his lineage.

Kalyn B Raphael, Co-Founder TMS & The Golden Flow(TM) System

Kalyn is an author, artist & life coach. She leads coaching groups and certifies coaches using her Maven Method(TM).

Being a pragmatic Toltec, Kalyn has allowed the gift of channeling in her life, bringing The Oracle forward. Tapping into these highly vibrating beings whose sole intent is to assist anyone on their path, Kalyn taps into knowigness, or silent knowledge as the Toltec call it, to bring guidance forward in the TMS online school, on retreats and in classes.

Kalyn loves working with women’s groups, leading spiritual retreats to Mexico, Bali and other sacred sites; some of her favorite topics are manifesting, coaching coaches & parenting.


K2, The Four Agreements & Don Miguel Ruiz


Have you read or heard of The Four Agreements?
If not, you probably will someday (like today?). If so, did you know that they have roots much deeper than most know?
They actually come from an ancient lineage of Men and Women of knowledge, called Toltecs. These Toltecs are not the Toltecs archaeologists like to speculate about. The Toltecs were a group of seers that possessed a highly evolved body of knowledge they kept secret for hundreds of years.
The beauty of The Four Agreements is that they are simple, yet in their simplicity they are deceivingly profound. By applying these agreements to your life, wonderful positive transformation can occur, and your ability, not only to cope with the world, but to have dominion (not the same as domination), increases profoundly.
Kalyn and I worked with the author of the bestselling book, The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz before the book was published and he was well known. Don Miguel is sometimes called a Shaman, however he is more than that. He is what Toltecs call a nagual (similar to master), and his ancestors were also naguals in his lineage, called The Eagle-Knight. In 1998 Kalyn and I received Certificates of Achievements for completing don Miguel’s Sixth Sun Teacher Training.
On our paths as helping others along we have incorporated Don Miguel’s Toltec teachings, Energy Teachings & The Ancient art of the Recapitulation, modernizing it and making it more enjoyable and effective using our Golden Flow(TM) System (www.goldenflowsystem.com)
We appreciate  connecting with all those who wish to improve their lives as we do, have and will continue to do.
Love & Light,
K2 (Kristopher and Kalyn)