In ‘Laketch a Shamanic Power Journey

~In ‘Laketch Journey~

The Power Journey to the Underworld and the Sacred Pyramids of Ek Balam

May 29 – June 3

The history of the shamanic journey transverses many cultures and goes back centuries. The common thread lies in the heart of the purpose of the shamanic journey, which is to travel beyond time and space in attempts to increase one’s connection to their Source Energy, or the Eagle according to Toltec lore.

This connection to Source would shift and re-difine the shaman traveler. As he or she went back or forward in time they allowed their energies to be blended, ultimately raising their vibration. The energetic blending occurs when one enters the world of energy. Whether the energy is blended directly with Source Energy or with higher-vibrating aspects of self, such as your future self, the end result is always the same. The shamanic journeyer’s energy increases, as does the connection and the knowingness that we are a piece of Source Energy having a life experience.

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This journey is said to be a journey into the underworld because it requires the journeyer to delve into the depth of their own darkness, their own places in self that are under the influence of the denser karmatic eneriges, or the energies of our conditioning. Whether it is limiting beliefs, emotional wounding or any other manifestation of energy that is out of alignment to Source, the shaman’s journey to the underworld is one which brings the light to the dark and transforms the shaman himself (or herself), turning him/her into a God in this world.