Mayan 2012 Calendar Prophecies


Sacred Power Spot - Leon Ranch, Jalisco, Mexico

Sacred Power Spot – Leon Ranch, Jalisco, Mexico

This wonderful message from The Oracle on the Mayan 2012prophecies took place in a sacred vortex located on the beautiful ranch of Fernando and Lisa Leon in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. The message was impromptu, prompted by the powerful, healing energies of the power spot.

The energy of the place contained a blueprint to bring one back to their essence, their authenticity. This is very powerful for healing, and at the same time very apropos to the energies that are rapidly increasing as we approach the year 2012, and the 2012 prediction, called the end of time in the Mayan Calendar.

The Oracle often speaks about 2012, the Sixth Sun and its significance, not in as a doomsday, but as a time for humanity to return to their Divinity, their Authenticity.

The Oracle will be speaking more often as we approach 2012 on how to prepare for this incredible time in humanity?s history.

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