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The Toltec Mystery School brings together two lineages, the Toltec lineage of the nagual don Miguel Ruiz, the best selling author of The Four Agreements™, and most recently The Fifth Agreement ; and the spiritual lineage of the Oracle, a collective of non-physical beings whose Intent is the advancement of humanity.
We are dedicated to supporting those who are sincerely walking their spiritual path.


On Top of Pyramid Chichen Itsa

A school like no other, the Toltec Mystery School provides a place for individuals to learn and apply spiritual principles to their lives while connecting with others who lead by example.
We offer books, classes, on-line classes, audio publishings, workshops and Power Journeys to Sacred Sites of the Ancient Toltecs. This includes free books, classes, a newsletter & pod casts! We have much information coming in on Mayan 2012 Calendar and how to prepare.
First brought out of secrecy and into awareness by Carlos Castaneda through stories of his interactions with the nagual don Juan Matus, powerful Toltec teachings are now accessible to sincere seekers of personal transformation and evolution. The Toltec Mystery School presents this vast knowledge from both the structured tonal and the energetic nagual sides resulting in quick advancement for those willing to do the work.

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“So I take this opportunity to thank my teachers K2- I honor you, Kris and Kalyn, for not only all the work you put into us, but for the nonsense way you do it. You both have changed my life even with me kicking and screaming at times at the thought of change. What I have found in you two is something that I have not given to many in this lifetime, and that is Trust. I trust you both from the deepest parts of Self. I feel this love from both of you and I will never forget the power journey in Mexico when Kalyn showed me how much she cared fro me, her concern for me, and how she really wanted all of us to heal, advance, grow and evolve. So, with everything we have gone through together, the changes, the acts of power, I would like to say thank you and I am so honored to receive the gifts of love, the guidance and the service you do so freely for me.” -Love & Light, William, MI


Journey with K2 to the powerful paradise energy of the Maya Caribbean and the Sacred Pyramids of EkBlam without leaving home!

Pyramid of Ek Balam

Pyramid of Ek Balam

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