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San Miguel de Allende & Teotihuacan RetreatSpiritual Retreat To Authenticity — April 2011



Mastery of Awareness Online Class –

This course offers:

  • 24 hour online access
  • A chance to meet other like-minded spiritual seekers
  • A chance to receive monthly lessons incorporating Toltec teachings, Universal Laws & lessons on utilizing current energies, keeping you in the flow of life
  • Discounts to spiritual retreats
  • A chance to work with Kris & Kalyn, asking questions or working in advanced groups
Join MOA (the Mastery Of Awareness Online Course)

Mastery of Intent Online Class

This class is available upon completion of the Mastery of Awareness


Advanced Group – Advanced Meditations via Teleconference

Please contact Kalyn by sending us a comment if you are interested in this group. The group’s focus is on raising our energy and tapping into larger parts of ourselves to connect with Source Energy in our lives. The group runs high-energy meditative processes.