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Kalyn’s Books:

Between Worlds: Source Energy’s Call – Now being published through!

Shamanic Egg Cleansing – Learn the ancient meso-american energy cleansing technique: “la limpia” uses a raw egg over the a person’s body, lifting negative, stagnant and stuck energies. The egg can then be broken into a glass and read, showing the person’s emotional, physical and mental health.

The Three Laws of ManifestingUse the three laws of manifesting to get into the vortex of what you wish to experience and who you truly are: The Law of Self, The  Law of Attraction & The Law of Repetition

Seek Your Soul  A year-long journey, Seek Your Soul gives you weekly prompts you so that you have a new way to connect with your Source Energy and practice during the week.

Living With Purpose–  Do you seek to have purpose and meaning in your life? Living With Purpose will help you look into your life to find your unique purpose and to begin to live it.

Inspiration To Put You In Your FlowComing soon

Kris’ Books

The Mastery of AwarenessSeeing Through The Eyes of a Jaguar